What you can expect from the MSC Challenge?

Whether you do the 12 week KickStart Program or you're in it for the 12 month LifeStyle Transformation Challenge we'll help you get into the best shape of your life - and stay that way for good

Train in our friendly team environment

You will join an easy going, hard working bunch of people we affectionately call Team MANA. Whether you're a battle hardened fitness fanatic or a fresh faced newbie you'll find when you enter MANA HQ there are people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds... people like you. 

We pride ourselves on helping people become fitter and stronger and credit that to the meticulous work that goes on behind the scenes. Our coach plans and programs for progression and loves to see people conquer their goals. If you'd like to become stronger, more agile, faster or perhaps you'd like to carry out your daily tasks with ease we will help you get there.

There will be fitness testing through the duration of the MSC Challenge to set your fitness baseline and measure your progress. You will have access to all Strength and Conditioning classes and Thursday night Yoga classes (which are held fortnightly)

Our approach to nutrition is simple

Lasting body transformations don’t come from dieting. They come from proven, research-driven methods that continue to work with tens of thousands of women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. And they happen when you have a world-class coach in your corner to keep you on track and guide you step-by-step toward total body transformation. 

We've partnered with Precision Nutrition to bring you an inclusive nutrition coaching experience that focuses on making small step by step changes that lead to life altering changes.  This is not about becoming a brown rice, brocolli and chicken breast kinda person. This is about changing some simple habits can bring you closer to your goals without counting calories or weighing or measuring your food.

The nutrition portion of the MSC Challenge is done online with the guidance of our proficient coach. 

You could earn yourself $1000

In our experience those life changing results are easier to chase down when there is something at stake. That's why we're putting up $1000 cash for the winner of the LifeStyle Transformation. You will also have the opportunity to win a further $1000 in a worldwide body transformation competition run by our partners at Precision Nutrition. 

Here’s the best part — You win no matter what:

  1. If the program doesn’t work for you, it’s free. That’s our guarantee.
  2. If you put in the effort and follow the program, you’ll get in the best shape of your life.
  3. AND if you do a great job, you’ll get in the best shape of your life and could win serious money.



Give us one year. Become the change you want to see in yourself - or your money back.


Take the LifeStyle Transformation and we’ll coach you for the entire year. You’ll get into the best shape of your life or it’s free. Hang with us for 12 months and if you’re not happy we’ll give you back every cent. What do we need from you? We need you to take the first step.

You're one step closer to reaching your goals

Choose your path and we'll be there every step of the way