What is Strength and Conditioning?


In the sporting arena it is the method that a strength and conditioning coach uses to improve the performance of the athletes in their specific sport.

At MANA we use our Strength and Conditioning Programs to improve the quality of our members lives. By helping our members get stronger they feel more self-reliant, by helping our members unlock new abilities they become more resilient, by helping our members build a solid cardiovascular system they feel more energetic.

It is not only the elite athlete that can benefit from a strength and conditioning program. Anyone who trains with us that is willing to push themselves, expand their comfort zone, set ambitious goals can become a champion in their own right.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

Every Strength and Conditioning program uses GPP to help athletes prepare for the specific demands of their sport. We have developed our GPP program to help our members make continuous improvement. We regularly test our members on a broad spectrum of fitness domains - strength, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance and more. First and foremost to help ease the demands our day to day life throws our way and then to expand our mental focus and physical performance.

Whether you're new at this fitness game or you're looking to change things up our GPP program is the starting point where you will learn new skills, improve your cardio vascular endurance and develop your strength.

Strength Training:

The GPP program utilises the following exercises to help develop and improve our members strength. Squats (front & back), Overhead presses (push press, push jerk), Deadlifts. You will also use a wide variety of accessory exercises to help enhance your performance in each of these lifts e.g. Bulgarian split squats, Z presses, bent over rows etc.

Conditioning Work:

To help improve your cardiovascular/muscular endurance we use interval training, circuits, metabolic conditioning workouts and more. We program to test a variety of energy systems in order to regularly shock the body but also keep you engaged and mentally stimulated.


"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." Bruce Lee

The Hybrid program is an accumulation of 22 years of training experience. Like the GPP program, our Hybrid program is designed to help our members make continuous improvement and can be seen as an extension of the GPP program. The movements may seem more complex or high skilled but the intention is the same; to make the menial tasks of our day to day life easily manageable so you can have the energy to pursue further goals.


You'll add the Olympic lifts - the Clean and Jerk and Snatch - to the repertoire of strength exercises learned in the GPP program and more.

Basic Gymnastic Skills

Muscle ups, handstand push ups, pistols are exercises that will challenge your strength, mobility, stability and core strength. These exercises are tough to learn but not impossible to do, in fact we've taught many of our members how to perform these exercises through a series of exercise specific progressions


The conditioning base developed on the GPP program will serve you well when taking on the conditioning work on the Hybrid program. The formats of interval training and metabolic conditioning are taken to a new level with the Olympic lifts, gymnastic skills, odd objects and cardiovascular exercises thrown into the mix.