At MSC we're driven by a simple ambition: To have a lasting positive influence on the health, fitness and well-being of our members.

We believe that having a strong, healthy body is a birthright. We believe that having the energy and the ability to do whatever, whenever, wherever we want to should be our baseline fitness level.


Our goal at MSC is to provide our members with a fun path and exemplary coaching while achieving their health and fitness goals. Getting fit and healthy shouldn’t be boring or monotonous. It should be fun, challenging, varied and done with friends!

You don't need to be healthy or fit to start. Whether you're looking to change a couple of dress sizes, keep up with the kids, rid yourself of that squishy stuff covering your six pack, enhance your performance as a weekend warrior or you want to push your athletic ability to the next level, we'd love to help you.


mana: (noun) prestige, authority, control, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma - mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object.

MANA is a Polynesian word akin to the Finnish word sisu or the concept of "the force" in Star wars in it's ambiguity. For us it is a source of both personal and collective strength, pride and identity. Below are some core values that we believe will enhance your experience both in and outside the gym

Growth Mindset: A growth mindset is imperative to any pursuit - health related or otherwise. If you're able embrace change through challenges, be open to new ideas and possibilities, if you're willing to work towards the betterment of your health and fitness, if you believe that your best is still to come... then you, my friend, have a growth mindset.

If you believe you're too old, not fit enough, can't change, you don't have time and that your best is behind you... you may have a fixed mindset.

The GREAT news is even a fixed mindset can change and you too can reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Positive Attitude: Having a positive attitude is thinking everything is sunshine and rainbows. Like building your strength or endurance, you have to "do the reps". It's about actively adopting and developing the characteristics of optimism, acceptance, resilience, gratitude, mindfulness, and integrity in your life. Taking on the challenge of developing a strong positive attitude will not only lead to great results in the gym but spill over into every aspect of your life.

Community: Our fitness community is our extended family. We see our gym as a safe haven. We are building a positive and supportive culture where our members can feel free of judgement. We seek to have a positive influence on our members lives and those in the wider community.

Work Ethic: It is great to have ambitious goals, read daily affirmations and have a grand vision for your future... but at the end of the day we must do the work that our goals demand of us. The hard work is unavoidable if you are committed seeing your dreams become reality.